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Your needs are unique, which means your yoga practice should be too. One-on-one yoga sessions provide a customized experience with lots of personal attention. Get in touch for more information.

How can we make yoga a lifestyle that serves us 24/7? How can we use the wisdom of the tradition to achieve lasting freedom and fulfillment? How do we begin to experience every aspect of our lives whether mundane or extraordinary as an opportunity for increased self-awareness, and as a step on the path to self-mastery?

Answers to these questions come as we practice. We learn about our body through the body. We build a relationship with our breath and explore energy. We delve into the depths of our inner world by getting to know our minds. When we change our energy we change our thoughts, and when we change our thoughts we change our lives.

Let’s practice!

I have experienced working with many yoga teachers and Jeannette is one of the best. She is very conscious and interactive with all of her students, making one feel like one is getting more of a private session in a group setting. She is sensitive to the skill level of all of her students, and gears the class to meet everyone’s needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

Mark S.

Jeannette is clearly passionate about the transformative potential of her art, and intuitively blends the mind, body and spirit of yoga practice to offer healing and growth to her students. Different from many yoga instructors, Jeannette seems to embody this vision of empowerment through yoga and inspires this in her students. I have a 30 year career in direct health care service provision, and have taught Martial Arts (Kajukenbo) for over 20 years. I was impressed by Jeannette’s gentle skill in adjusting her technique unobtrusively and individually to suit student needs and levels, which is the mark of true instruction.

Breton C.

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